SLIGHTLY LATIN by Les Crosby (2006)


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Les Crosby has spent a lifetime in the music and entertainment industry, and has performed around the world, as a guest artist, and in jazz groups and backing bands, for the likes of Sammy Davis Jnr., Sarah Vaughan, Shirley Bassey, Peter Allen, and many other leading entertainers. Slightly Latin features Les on flugel horn and vocals, accompanied by some of Australia’s leading jazz musicians, including, George Golla, guitar, Stuart Harrison, keyboard, Mike Walsh, acoustic bass, and Max Henderson, drums and percussion, please relax and enjoy this wonderful album.


  1. ONE NOTE SAMBA 2:36 (Antonio Carlos Jobirn)
  2. S,WONDERFUL 3:15 (George Gershwin)
  3. EAST OF THE SUN 3:37 (Brooks Bowman)
  4. TOO YOUNG 3:51 (Lipman Dee)
  5. YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO YOUNG 3:08 (Gordon Myron)
  6. YOU DON’T KNOW ME 4:20 (Cindy Walker and Eddie Arnold)
  7. NATURE BOY 3:55 (Eden Ahbez)
  8. OUR LOVE IS HERETO STAY 3:27 (George Gershwin)
  9. HERE’S THAT RAINY DAY 3:47 (Jimmy Van Heuson)
  10. MR. BO JANGLES 3:47 (Warner Chappell Music)
  11. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A FOOL 3:31 [CARNIVALE] (Louis Bonfa)
  12. THEME FROM ‘CONCIERTO DE ARANJUEZ1’ RODERIGO 3.11 (with guest Guitarist, George Golla)
  13. SKYLARK 3.29 (Hoagy Carmichael – with guest Guitarist George Golla)

© Les Crosby, 2006

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