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In 1995 The Abby Jazz Band consists of six highly-talented musicians:

LES CROSBY – Cornet and Vocals

Les has performed all over the world in orchestras, dance bands and jazz groups and played in the Varsity Five Plus Two jazz group in Brisbane in the 1960’s, before moving to Sydney.

ED WILSON – Trombone

Well Known as the “other half” of the great “Daly Wilson Big Band” Ed is one of Australia’s finest musicians and is also a prolific writer and arranger.

PHIL PRYOR – Clarinet, Soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Saxophones & Vocalist

Also one of Australia’s finest jazz musicians. Phil has performed with many leading jazz groups.

DENNIS TONGE – Banjo, Guitar and Vocals

Originally from Lancashire, England, Dennis has been a resident of Sydney for the last thirty years or so and has played in many of Sydney’s leading jazz groups.

ALEX WATSON – Acoustic Bass and Vocals

Alex is the leader of The Abby Jazz Band and is the only remaining founding member. Loves jazz and earns a living as a Bio-medical Engineer.


Another fine musician, originally from England. Played in leading English “Big Bands” and Combos. Now resident of Sydney.


One of the most popular groups in Sydney, The Abbey Jazz Band dates back to the early 1970’s and was originally made up of staff members from the Prince Henry, and Prince of Wales Hospitals, Sydney. The personnel has changed over the years, but the “fun” music style of the group has continued, specialising in jazz tunes from the 1920’s to the 1960’s, along similar lines to The Temperance Seven Orchestra. However, the collective musicianship allows The Abbey Jazz Band to perform any jazz style.


  1. LIMEHOUSE BLUES (2:46), Phillip Braham
  2. I LOVE PARIS (2:38), Cole Porter/Chappell Vocals – Les Crosby
  3. CHINATOWN (3:10), Jerome Schwarz Vocals – Dennis Tonge
  4. ME & JANE IN A PLANE (4:03), Leslie Gilbert/Control, Vocals – Alex Watson
  5. ST THOMAS (2:57), Sonny Rollins
  6. CARRY ME BACK TO OLD VIRGINNY (3:06), James Bland, Vocals – Dennis Tonge
  7. PUTTIN’ ON THE RITZ (3:20), Irving Berlin, Vocals – Les Crosby
  8. OLD ROCKING CHAIR (3:08), Hogy Carmichael, Vocals – Dennis Tonge
  9. NAGASAKI (2:58), Warren Dixon/Allen, Vocals – Phil Pryor
  10. MIDNIGHT IN MOSCOW (3:25), Matsuo/Soloviev
  11. BUONA SERA (3:28), Carl Sigmund/Peter De Rose, Vocals – Dennis Tonge
  12. SO DO I (Bel Ami) (3:01), Mackeben/Beckmann/Grant, Vocals – Phil Pryor
  13. POKARIKARI ANA (2:31), Maori Traditional, Vocals – Les Crosby
  14. BATTLE HYMN OF THE REPUBLIC (4:06), Traditional, Vocals – Dennis Tonge
  15. MISSISSIPPI MUD (3:33), Barris/Albert, Vocals – Les Crosby/Phil Pryor
  16. AUSTRALIAN MEDLEY (5:23), Banjo Patterson/Jack O’Hagen, R Harris/Traditional, Vocals – Les Crosby, Phil Pryor/Dennis Tonge

Recorded at: Axent Studios, Sydney, Australia – June 1995

Produced by: North Supply Communications Pty Ltd PO Box 576, Willoughby NSW 2068, Australia